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Lori Watt - Artist

Lori Watt is a Canadian artist and designer. Lori has a diverse artistic background with an extensive portfolio. She is a prolific artist and her gift is her natural talent combined with her ability to creatively leap between her collections and individual paintings. Her educational background has allowed her to explore many styles of painting such as; Abstract, Figurative, Abstract Expressionism, Impressionism, Modernism, Representational and Encaustic Painting.

Lori's current paintings include several bodies of work that are distinctive and unique and have her full-time passion and focus. These series include; Stone and Concrete, Rain, Wild Horses and Figurative which also include her Women Empowerment paintings. Lori loves travelling and on road trips especially she draws inspiration from mountain ranges, natural rock formations, geology and landscape fields.

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Edmonton + Garden Show 2024

Thursday March 21 -  Sunday March 24 2024

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"An artist grows both creatively and artistically when they dig deep in their own work that doesn't come easy"

- Lori


Artist Statement:

I’ve always been fascinated with the process of art. I love when faced with a large blank canvas or structure all the possibilities it presents, including heightened imagination without being intimidated by its size. With even the first brush stroke my vision is then faced with a possible new direction and allowing yourself the freedom and confidence to adapt to the unexpected and where it may lead is a creative journey in itself.